is a quake themed mud I wrote. Features are few. At the moment it is deathmatch only. I will code up some mobs later. Just how much later I do not know. There is a QuakeMud server running on gnu.osoal.org.nz. Telnet or use your favourite mud client and connect to gnu.osoal.org.nz:4950 and be the envy of all your friends! Here is the list of deathmatch maps

current version is 1.5b (this should be stable)


QuakeMud requires libhacknslash, a small pile of blob which I also wrote.

QuakeMud also requires glib1.2.x

you'll probably have to mess with the makefile. It compiles on my redhat 6.2 box.

How to play

Play is very simple. Walk around, pick up guns. If you see someone,you will automatically shoot at them. Type `help' to get help. Type `help <command>' to get help on a command.

Have a nice day

QuakeMud is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
The Moon-with-a-nail-through-it logo is a trademark of id software.
Quake(tm) is a trademark of id software.
Please don't sue me I have no money.

You can contact (lurk with) me in #osoal on dalnet.

ps: go here

Here is some screen shot: